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Increasingly viewed as a powerful means to end inequality and promote prosperity in the world, agriculture is playing a pivotal role in shaping human lives and world economies to feed a projected 9.7 billion people by 2050. Fast-growing population and urbanisation is increasingly creating pressure and the only way to overcome these challenges with limited resources will be the adaption of possible technological solutions, digital innovations, and an increased focus on agronomy practices, nutrients, pre-post management, water management, start-up ecosystems, sustainability, and agricultural biologicals, revolutionizing the entire industry.

MAKMORTM – Making Headway in the Agricultural Realm

At MAKMORTM, we are uniquely positioned to help you thrive in this competitive environment. With our decade long experience of assisting global and local clients, we are just the right partners in your journey of growth and transformation. 

We assist government bodies and enterprises of all sizes. We understand your core needs, refer to industry benchmarks, and utilize our own global expertise and local insights to help you harness the power of a rapidly evolving agriculture industry.


  • Green Field Project’s
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Small Business Support
  • Education & Training
  • Agricultural Biologicals
  • Farm Equipment’s
  • Certification, Testing & Services etc
  • Packaging Guidelines
  • Value Added Services (Farm Productivity)

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