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Retail & e-commerce

Retail & e-commerce

Retail & e-commerce

Technology has revolutionized the global retail industry. The growing use of smartphones has enabled people to buy from the comfort of their homes. The Internet has enabled local retailers to reach global customers. Lower prices and thousands of options have made online retail extremely attractive. The global retail e-commerce market was valued at $4.25 trillion in 2019 and the Indian e-commerce market is expected to reach US$ 200 billion by 2026. Growth will be even stronger in the aftermath of the pandemic thus forcing retail firms to constantly innovate and cater to changing consumer demands.

MAKMORTM – A Step Ahead in Retail & e-commerce

We, at MakmorTM, are perfectly equipped to help retailers win in their markets. We have a dedicated and experienced team to help both physical and online retailers shape their strategies, create and recreate brands, and produce exciting futuristic designs keeping in mind local as well as global trends.

In retail and e-commerce, it is crucial to plan and prepare ahead for the unexpected especially in a rapidly changing environment. With the help of powerful retail analytics and more than a decade long experience, we help you stay resilient and responsive.


  • Design
  • Branding 
  • Retail Analytics
  • Retail Technology
  • Futuristic Customer Experience 


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