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Dynamic and fast-evolving are two words that perfectly describe the world automotive industry. In line with the global scenario, Indian automotive sector is projected to reach $300 bn by 2026 (Source Invest India) thus making India world’s third-largest automotive market. Rapidly evolving customer needs, the disruptive impact of technology, and dynamic regulatory environments are transforming the industry forcing automotive players to adapt, evolve, and re-strategize. An increased focus on electrification, driver assistance systems, automation, connectivity, and artificial intelligence has revolutionised the entire industry.

MAKMORTM: Making Strides in the Automotive Industry

We, at MakmorTM, are best suited to help you tide over a fast-moving automotive industry and make the most of the opportunities created by innovation. We help you look ahead to a future of mobility, connectivity, and dynamic technology.

At MakmorTM, we have more than a decade of experience working with big and small clients in the automotive sector. We have a perfect mix of technical, functional, and industrial expertise to create solutions that help you stay ahead of the competition.


  • Advance Technologies
  • Electric/Hybrid Vehicles
  • On-Highway/Off-Highway Vehicles
  • Caravans – Leisure Travel
  • Sports Car manufacturing 
  • Electronics & Electrical Equipment
  • Connected Cars
  • Safety & Driver Training


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