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In today’s fast-paced world with a universal desire to succeed, maintaining a healthy mind and body whilst doing so is equally important. Having said that, companies are focusing on corporate wellness programs to improve both the physical and mental health of everyone at their workspace. Apart from the common health risk assessments and health fairs, companies are now becoming more proactive and engaging in health awareness programs, destination travel packages, incentive reward programs, and preventative care solutions.

MAKMORTM: Your Best Friend in Wellness Consulting

At MakmorTM, we recognize the need for corporate health and wellness initiatives and understand that they are the way forward in an increasingly competitive work environment. Wellness programs are necessary to keep workplace stress at bay. It is with this understanding of the essence of wellness in the workplace that we at MakmorTMstrive to identify and execute new methods and programs to engage the human mind beyond the work environment.


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  • Destination Travel 

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